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November 30, 2018

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Conversational Pace

2018 AGM Report
A very well attended AGM, comprising 30 members approximately, was held as scheduled in the Luna Restaurant on Tuesday evening, November 27, 2018. The evening was MC'd by outgoing president Rhonda McNish, who carried out the task in her usual well prepared and upbeat style. Rhonda was assisted ably by other members of the executive, Bernie Cormier, Murray Tait, Brenda Young, Ed Eby and Ian Loughrey.

A specially commissioned technical running hat was presented to each of the Race Series Age Catg Winners by Rhonda. In addition, the Overall Series male and female winners, Corey Turnbull and Christie Walker, were honoured and presented with a complimentary BRRC membership for the 2019 season.

Throughout the evening, well earned tributes were paid to Rhonda McNish for her exceptional leadership in successfully getting the club back from the rather dismal position it was in prior to her taking the helm in November 2017. For personal reasons, Rhonda has had to step down from the executive; she will be sorely missed. Many thanks to you Rhonda for your exceptional service to our club.

Another key feature of the meeting was the election of an executive for the upcoming 2019 year. Those who had placed their names in nomination prior to the meeting were duly acclaimed:

  • President:Tony Dunbar (interim)
  • Treasurer: Murray Tait
  • Secretary: No nominees
  • Membership Coordinator: Brenda Young
  • Member at Large: Ed Eby
  • Member at Large: Liam Cullen

Tony Dunbar subsequently explained to the meeting that to avoid the legal need for the club, an incorporated not-for-profit organization, to cease operations in the absence of a president, he had rather reluctantly agreed to accept the role strictly on a short term or interim basis. (Tony had been previously club president from 1999 to 2008.)

The end result of the election, is that the club is now actively seeking to recruit an individual with the skillset and appropriate experience, to fill the position of president on a full time basis for 2019. The experience needed could be that gained in the workplace or with a volunteer or other organization.

Likewise, the club is seeking candidates to fill the role of club secretary.

Tony Dunbar, email tonyd@myhighspeed.ca, would be delighted to hear from and interview prospective candidates for these important positions. We know you are out there, please come forward and contribute to the continued success of your running club.

Minutes of the AGM meeting may be accessed by Clicking Here.

Membership for 2019: Application Form
Memberships for the 2019 year will be on sale at the upcoming Tuesday November 27, 2018 AGM at Luna Restaurant. To facilitate the process you may access the form by Clicking Here, then print and complete and take with you to the meeting. Fees are unchanged at $20 individual, $30 family. Payment is by cash or cheque only; no credit cards. The form itself details the many advantages of membership.

Race Series Final Summary
An important part of the upcoming Tuesday, November 27 AGM will be presentation of awards to the Top 3 points winners in each of the Female and Male Age Categories. A summary of these winners may be accessed by Clicking Here. (Please note that this year, only BRRC members qualified for race series points.)

The winners of the Overall Series (based on top 5 overall race finishes) will also be honoured and will be designated as our male and female Runner of the Year as is traditional. Congrats to Christie Reitsma and to Corey Turnbull for achieving this distinction.

A special thank you to our Montreal club member, Hugh Wilson, for compiling the results throughout the year after each race.

NOTE: A reminder to apply by Nov 25th to have your name placed in nomination at the AGM for election to a place on the BRRC Executive for the upcoming year.

Upcoming Events
A couple of noteworthy events scheduled this month of November:

Saturday November 24, 5pm: LIGHT UP CHRISTMAS in the Santa Claus Parade
An initiative of Roger Hawksby's and Cheryl Scott's, resurrecting an old event where we took part in the Brockville Santa Claus Parade. A social run/walk, fun evening to promote our club and to celebrate each other, the club, and our successes throughout the year. Meet at 5pm at North Augusta and Pearl, the starting point of the parade. Further details in President Rhonda's recent Club Newsletter.

Tuesday November 27, 6pm: AGM at the Luna Restaurant, Stewart and Parkedale
For details Click Here.

Road Runners on the Road; November 4, 2018
Club and area runners participated with some success away from home this past Sunday.

In the Hamilton Marathon, Ilona Thomas ran a remarkable 3:47:21. This was remarkable in the fact that Ilona's courageous 42.2K run - a 2nd place age category and a Boston Qualifier (BQ) to boot - was completed after a fairly lenghty recovery from a nasty bike crash in the Mont Tremblant Half Ironman Triathlon earlier in the year. Well done Ilona!

Others completing the Hamilton Marathon were Julie Basiliadis in 3:18.39 (BQ and 5th in age group) and Kevin Riddell in 4:08:24 (38th in age division).

Meanwhile, Eithne Dunbar was completing the annual Kingston RRA's Anniversary 10K Run at the Landings Golf Course west of Kingston. This has become an annual birthday run for Eithne and this year she achieved a 3rd place age category finish. Well done, Eithne.

Sydenham Fall Trail 8K; October 21, 2018
A number of club and area runners participated in this popular annual event in the Kingston region. As always, there were a number of medals brought home including the much sought after gold. Our experienced and more mature runners in particular fared well.

Gold medal performers were: Mary Clayton, Corey Turnbull, Ian Loughrey, Rick Swift and Merv Hodgson.

Other colour medal winners were: Cheryl Scott, Anne Hodgson; Robert Walroth and Roger Hawksby

A special shout out to Brockville native, Kevin Dunbar, who won the overall masters (40+) men's division.

For full detailed results from Bryan Lambert's Running By Design website Click Here

On a slightly down note: None of our locals won one of those coveted Sydenham Draw Prizes!

Check out The Club Facebook Page for some nice individual and group pics taken at the event.

AGM: Tuesday November 27, 2018
Our President Rhonda McNish, in her as always organized and forward looking fashion, announces:

SAVE THE DATE: Brockville Road Runners - AGM (Annual General Meeting) - Tues. November 27, 2018

Purpose: The main purpose of an AGM is to comply with legal requirements, such as the presentation and approval of the financials, election of directors, review and discussion of important decisions regarding the club, and informing the members of previous and future activities. It also serves as a platform for the recognition and celebration of our race series award recipients.

This will be a members only event with formal invitations, agenda and executive positions up for election, to follow.

  • Location: Luna Restaurant (Back Room), 365 Stewart Blvd, Brockville, ON
  • Date: Tuesday, November 27th, 2018
  • 6:00pm Social Time
  • 6:20pm Pizza dinner (complimentary)
  • 6:50pm: Race Series Awards Presentations
  • 7:00pm: Business Portion (agenda to follow)

TIP Runs: Donation to the River Club
We are pleased to share with you that recently Ian Loughrey and Murray Tait presented Pastor Timothy Andrews of The Pier Church with a donation made on behalf of the BRRC. This represented a portion of the proceeds from the event they co-organized, the Mark Darroch Half Marathon and James K. Carlyle 5K races, collectively known as the Thousand Islands Parkway (TIP) Runs.

The River Club, which is organized under the Pier Church, encourages youth who are in need of purpose, growth and hope, and who would not otherwise have the opportunity to be out on the river.

Our club prides itself on giving back what we can to support community-minded, non-profit organizations and Ian and Murray both saw the program as a fitting choice of benefactor.

Ian, Pastor Tim and Murray
(Photo Credit: Rhonda McNish)

Race Series Points Final Drafts
An announcement from club president Rhonda McNish:

Our 2018 race series has come to an end! We would like to thank all of you who supported our runs this year through your participation!

Below are the links for the draft revised spreadsheets, which indicates our membership points tally for the year. We kindly ask that you review to confirm accuracy. After November 1st, these points will become official and our awards recipients will be presented with their award during our AGM (annual general meeting) on Tues. November 27, 2018 at Luna Restaurant (further details later). Invitations will follow!

Race Series Points are awarded this year in keeping with the following:

Participation and Qualification:

  1. Participant must be a member in good standing with the Brockville Road Runners Club.
  2. Any club member entering one of the races within the race series is automatically entered into the race series and is eligible for awards

Divisions and Age Groups::

  1. Divisions (gender) are: male and female. Points awarded within each division are equal.
  2. Age groups for the male and female divisions are: 19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80 and over.
  3. Age group series placement is determined by an individual's age on January 1st of the calendar year, but you continue to collect points based on age category on race day (eg. you may be in the 30-39 age category at the start of the year, but turn 40 years of age in June. Any points collected after June are determined within the 40-49 age group as that is your age on race day).

Race Series Points System::

  1. Age Category Points are awarded to the top five finishers in each age category as follows: 1st: 10pts; 2nd: 8pts; 3rd: 6 pts; 4th: 5pts; 5th: 4pts. All other finishers are awarded 3pts.
  2. Overall Finisher Points awarded in a similar fashion from 1st (10pts.) to 5th (4pts.). There are not points assigned for all other finishers outside of the top 5.
  3. In the event of a tie, positions will then be decided by average place per race.


  1. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 overall point recipients, as well as top male/female overall, in the male and female divisions during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the end of the race year.

Picton Results; September 30, 2018
A number of members made the trip to run in this year's popular Prince Edward County (PEC) half and full marathons. Once again there were a number of medal winning performances. This included a couple of golds for the Hodgson duo, Merv and Anne, who continue to go from strength to strength. Just one week after their age category wins at the Arny Run in Ottawa, Merv and Anne repeated the feat in the PEC 21.1K. Congrats!

Also a special shout out to Julie Basiliadis, who was the first woman overall in the half marathon and to Margaret Story, who completed her first half in Picton.

Corey Turnbull also had an excellent run in the full marathon, achieving a significant PB and finishing 3rd overall man. Well done, Corey.

Marathon (42.2K)  
Corey Turnbull 3:01:14 (1st in age and 3rd overall)
Half Marathon (21.1K)  
Julie Basiliadis 1:31:16 (1st overall woman)
Wendy Nedow 2:01:34
Margarey Story 2:06:59
Merv Hodgson 2:19:07 (1st in age category)
Anne Hodgson 2:25:55 (1st in age category)

National Peace Officers Memorial Run, Friday Sept 28, 2018
A contingent of police and other peace officers with supporters will be running through our streets on Friday evening next, September 28. They will be part of the National Peace Officers Memorial Run from Toronto to Ottawa for Sunday's annual memorial service on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

The contingent is scheduled to arrive in Brockville at Lyn Road and Highway 2 at 4:45 pm on Friday. It then leaves there at 5:00 pm for the slow 3.2K team run to Brockville Court House and the welcoming ceremony at 5:30 pm. Our club has been invited to run with the group on this leg of their long journey by way of a show of support. We have been encouraged to wear Brockville Road Runners colours.

So, we are inviting you to meet at Lyn Road and Highway 2, near Mark's Stereo, at 4:30 pm. We ask you park at the Brockville Country Club and walk the short distance west to our meeting point. We will then team up at 5 pm with the officers' group and join them as they make their way through the streets of Brockville. After the ceremony, those who parked at the Country Club can run back there to their parked cars. Others will likely already have made arrangements with family members or friends to be picked up at the Court House.

For a link to the event Click Here This is an event we typically took part in as an organized group over a number of years. In more recent years, it was usually left to individual runners to participate or not. Thanks to president Rhonda McNish for reconnecting with our local police and demonstrating the club's renewed commitment to support of such community events.

Army Run, Ottawa Sept 23, 2018: Results
Our diligent big race results compiler, Anne Hodgson, has again produced a summary of results for area runners who competed in this popular event. Thanks, Anne. The results are those published by Sportstats on their website.

There were a number of age category medal performances with Ian Loughrey, Anne Hodgson, Merv Hodgson and Shelley Steenwyk bringing home the gold. Paul McNamee and Pete Millard gained 3rd place finishes in their respective age categories. Congrats to the medal winners and to all who participated.

Commander's Challenge
Ian Loughrey 1:56:10 (1st)
Zack Boyd 2:08:19
Rob Adams 2:26:28
Paul McNamee 2:37:27 (3rd)
Terry Hodge 3:05:26
1/2 Marathon (21.1K)  
Brian Gartley 1:43:59
Rob Adams 1:45:29
Katana Moulton 2:06:04
Rick Orr 2:06:04
Roger Hawksby 2:08:46
Geoffrey Peters 2:08:47
Cheryl Scott 2:12:20
Scott McLean 2:58:00
Kim Cauley 3:12:41
Ortona Challenge (5K+10K)  
Shelley Steenwyk 1:15:10 (1st)
Rick Steenwyk 1:21:17
Andrea Jackson 1:30:32
Merv Hodgson 1:35:13 (1st)
Anne Hodgson 1:39:28 (1st)
Ruby McCabe-Locke 1:40:18
Roy Crump 1:51:53
Cheryl Blodgett 1:55:52
Matthew Millard 39:15
Geoffrey Millard 43:07
Pete Millard 48:57 (3rd)
Susan Filion 50:43
Angela Young 51:45
Ted Raby 51:55
Patty Marshall 56:56
Rhiannon Iles 57:53
Michael McMahon 59:14
Stacey Millard 1:01:32
Shana Doonan 1:01:52
Denae VanBlitterswyk 1:02:11
Jennifer McDonald 1:03:03
Janet Gartley 1:06:40
Dana Boyer  1:10:45
Matt McNish 31:06
Rhonda McNish 31:06
Declan Adams 41:09
Liam Cullen 45:54

TIP Results and Photos
Congrats to Ian Loughrey and Murray Tait and their volunteer crews for a highly successful TIP yesterday. Click Here to access the results from Bryan Lambert's Running by Design website.

For an extensive selection of great photos as taken by Kerri Barlow, Click Here. Thanks Kerri.

Race Series Points After 6 Events
Club statistician, Hugh Wilson from Montreal, has now completed the compilation of series' points to include the August Piggy Run results. Many thanks once again, Hugh. The summary may be accessed by Clicking Here. Please let us know of any errors, omissions, etc.

Also, please be aware that Saturday's TIP 5K and 21.1K are your final chances to gain series points, The novelty Christmas Jingle Bell/Santa Shuffle is not included in the series.

TIP 5K and Half Marathon, Saturday September 8, 2018
The 31st annual Brockville Road Runners Club Mark Darroch Half Marathon and James K. Carlyle 5K races are being held Saturday, September 8, 2018 - starting and finishing from the Rockport Recreation Hall.

Both courses are certified as to accuracy of total length by Athletics Canada and each is comprised of an out (eastbound) and back (westbound) route along the Thousand Islands Parkway.

NOTE: Many thanks to Kevin Dunbar for recently repeating the original certification he performed back in 2007. (A certification is good for 10 years.) Kevin had some help from Kingston roadrunner colleagues Clive Morgan and Ed Brand, to whom we are also very grateful. If you're interested in the official Athletics Canada course certification process Click Here

The Half Marathon race will take off at 8:00am, followed by the 5K starting at 9:20am.

Cost to register is:

  • Half Marathon: $25.00 per BRRC member, non-member $30.00
  • 5K: $15.00 per BRRC member, non-member $20.00.

Race day registration is also available (please note registration will close 20 minutes prior to the event).

  • Registration: Half Marathon - 7:00am to 7:40am
  • Registration: 5K - 8:00am to 9:00am

Race day souvenir shirts will be available to participants that register online only. Race shirts will not be handed out for race day registrants.

To register online with Eventbrite Click Here. Online registration closes on Friday, August 24th, so don't delay in order to receive a souvenir shirt.

Both races will be professionally timed by Running By Design and results will be available on our/their website after race day.

Location: Rockport Recreation Hall, 115 Escott-Rockport Road, Rockport ON

There is plenty of free parking available at the Rockport Recreation Hall (red brick building off Escott Road and Old River Road) in Rockport, north of the Parkway.

Washrooms are available in the Rockport Recreation Hall near the start/finish area.

Proceeds from these races will support The River Club. The River Club's purpose is to encourage youth in need of purpose, growth and hope, who would not otherwise have opportunities to be on the river.

Race Directors: Ian Loughrey at idlltenor@gmail.com and Murray Tait at murray.tait59@gmail.com

For an overall summary you may access an event poster by Clicking Here. The BRRC Races schedule from the dropdown menu above also gives an overview of the details.

Piggy 1K/5K Walk/Run; Sunday Aug 12: Results
A big thank you to race director Gib Kent and his crew for the innovative Piggy Run 1k/5k held on August 12. The course was certainly intriguing, avoiding as it did the tricky and potentially unsafe road intersections of other years. The trips through the railway tunnel were exciting both for the younger (1K) and older (5K) "kids".

Gib has also been busy since the race in resolving some issues with the race results and their original postings. Things weren't made any easier by a couple of runners who didn't hand in their popsicle sticks. All have now been fixed, many thanks Gib, and results may be accessed from the links below.

Female 5K      Male 5K

Female 1K      Male 1K

Race Series Points: Updated to Include July 1 Milk Run 5K Results
Club statistician, Hugh Wilson from Montreal, has now completed the compilation of series' points to include the Canada Day 5K Milk Run results. Many thanks Hugh. The summary may be accessed from the Results and Series dropdown menu above. Please let us know of any errors, omissions, etc.

One item that causes problems in the initial race results themselves, and that subsequently carries over to the points compilation, is runners not PRINTING their names on registration forms. This leads to great difficulty and even errors in deciphering illegible name entries. We ask you to please PRINT your names on these forms.

This has become increasingly important, where names are being entered into results databases by outside timing organization personnel, who are not familiar with the names of our regular participants. Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

For details as to how the points are assigned and other details Click Here

Ironman Conquered by Club Wonder Women
On Sunday July 22 in Lake Placid, NY, two of our club members, Amy Brown and Brenda Young, completed the ultimate Triathlon challenge, the daunting Ironman.

Amy and Brenda have spent the last number of months, and indeed years, in the tough training and preparation for this special event. The endurance event consists of a swim of 2.4 miles, a bike ride of 112 miles, topped off by a full marathon run of 26.2 miles; a total of 140.6 miles, the storied Ironman distance.

Amy and Brenda trained together so it was fitting that they competed in tandem, their individual times, over an awe-inspiring total of 14+ hours, were only 1 second apart.

A breakdown of their times as published on the official Lake Placid Ironman website (the totals include the additional transition times between individual segments):

Name 2,4 Swim 112 Bike 26.2 Run Total (Hrs)
Amy Brown 1:29:34 7:18:41 5:39.12 14:48:02
Brenda Young 1:31:10 7:18:37 5:39.12 14:48:01

Congratulations Amy and Brenda on your outstanding and truly inspiring achievement. Recover well.

Neal Condron on Ontario Team for the Canada Special Olympics Summer Games in NS
Our very own, Neal Condron will be representing Ontario at the Special Olympics Canada 2018 Summer Games in Antigonish, NS - beginning July 31st!!

Neal has many athletic talents but will be specifically participating in the 800m, 3000m, shot put & running long jump at this high-level event. Neal joins 2 other athletes from Brockville - Dallas Vout & Kyle Perkins. Their coach is Paul McNamee.

To read more about this, you can reference the website at: Special Olympics

Neal in Recent Action
(Photo Credit: Kerri Barlow Freelance Photography)

Congratulations on this extraordinary accomplishment Neal! Your hard work, dedication, and determination are inspiring! We'll be routing for you, Dallas, Kyle and the entire team Ontario's success from your hometown!

Race Series Points After 4 Events
Our Montreal member Hugh Wilson recently completed the compilation of the BRRC Race Series points up to and including the June P&G 5K. Thanks Hugh.

To access the age category results for females Click Here and for the male results Click Here

Please note that the summary contains points gained by all competitors, current BRRC members and non-members alike, who ran in some or all of the four races. For eligibility to be included in the final points tally and to qualify for an end of season award, you must be a club member and have competed in at least 3 of the season's runs. Membership is still open, so sign up soon.

Canada Day Milk Run Results
A great turnout today in the 26th annual Canada Day 5Km/1Km run. The event itself goes back even further where there was also a 10km run. Congrats to race director Murray Tait and crew for organizing another enjoyable and festive kickoff to Brockville's Canada Day celebrations.

To access the results as compiled by the Running Goat timing team from Perth Ontario, Click Here

As was announced prior to the race, there was no official timing for the 1K run. We do have the top 3 gender finishers:

Male: 1) Jonah Hawes 2) Cohen Merkley 3) Caleb Conlon
Female: 1) Rowan Forbes 2) Pearl Hare 3) Avery Merkley

For an extensive selection of great photos as taken by Kerri Barlow, Click Here. Thanks Kerri.

Bursary Award Winners
Congratulations to the Brockville Road Runners Club 2017-2018 High School Bursary Recipients:

  • Cameron Cosgrove, St. Mary Catholic High School
  • Lily Meek, Thousand Islands Secondary School
  • Maddy Nolan, Thousand Islands Secondary School
  • Sunshine Reitsma, Athens DHS

You may recognize the names of these students from past races, social events, Fun To Run Program, or past executive membership as our youth representative! Please join me in wishing them much success during their post-secondary studies next year! Our club is very proud to support them in their efforts!

Canada Day Milk Run Online Registration
Online registration for the July 1 run, a premier event on the BRRC race calendar, may be accessed by Clicking Here. Check the race schedule from the BRRC Races dropdown menu above for further race details.

P&G Results
The results of the recent P&G Run may now be accessed from the Running By Design website by Clicking Here

Paula Wiltse to be Inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame
Heartiest congratulations to Paula Wiltse on her very well-deserved nomination for induction into the Brockville and Area Sports Hall of Fame. Paula has been an elite class runner for many years and has been recognized nationally and internationally for her running success over many distances from 5K to the marathon. Paula is also an accomplished coach and many of our members have benefitted from her expertise in this area.

Paula joins others of our running community in the Hall of Fame (HOF): Bob Tucker, Ron Hungerford, Kevin Beatty, Tony Dunbar and Marianne Carlyle.

The HOF gala dinner takes place on Thursday, June 14 at the Memorial Centre with the official induction ceremony to follow on Friday, June 15, again at the Memorial Centre.

Happy Running!
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