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December 3, 2019

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Conversational Pace

Lights on the Trail
Tom Fournier, club member and an occasional advisor to the Brock Trail Committee, has kindly provided me with the following update, which he followed with a photo:

As part of my job with the police service I have assisted the Brock Trail Committee as an advisor on occasions. Today I received an email that 9 new solar lights were installed and are operational on the trail between St. Paul to King Street area of the trail, so the trail is now lit from Henry Street behind the Grist Mill and on the south side of the Metro Grocery Store.
I thought I would pass it along in the event it was some news other Road Runner members would be interested in. I know I frequently run along the Brock Trail when it is plowed.

"The lights are set to come on at dusk, at a low level (30%), and when sensing motion, go to full power (2000 lumens) for a short duration; the intent being to enhance accessibility, convenience, and security, while preserving capacity, and giving due consideration to wildlife and adjacent homeowners."
The committee was concerned about them being too bright and upsetting the homeowners in the area.
The lights for the trail come from donations and there is NO city money provided. They are collecting donations and here is the link: Donations
Thanks Tom.

News Updates

AGM Reminder
Weds November 20, 6 to 8pm at Luna Pizzeria on Stewart Blvd in Brockville is the venue. Members come on out and enjoy some social time with a cash bar and a complimentary pizza dinner.

Also remember you are invited to wear a shirt or medal from a race that was specially memorable to you in 2019.

2019 Race Series awards will be presented, followed at about 7pm with the business portion: reports on 2019; plans for 2020 and the all important election of the executive for the coming year.

It's your club, so please attend and let your voice be heard.

Fast Talk November Newsletter Corrections
We're back!

As with most news journals, Fast Talk our club newsletter is also prone to errors. So in the best traditions of journalism, here is our Errata or Corrections section, with apologies from your humble newsletter editor:

  • Race Series Awards:
    Female 60-69:
    Points were corrected for Karen McDonald-Hurley to bring her total to 41 pts. Means Karen moves to 1st with Cheryl Scott in 2nd place.
  • Male 40-49: corrected to show Brian Gartley in 2nd place and Jason Barlow in 3rd.
  • For an updated, corrected Award Winners Summary
  • I'm a Marathoner Club:
    Hamilton was not Geoff Peters' first but his second marathon. First was the Toronto Waterfront in 2016.

Kingston Anniversary 10K Run, November 3, 2019
Just Dunbars to report on as far as I can tell

  • Kevin Dunbar 38:22.03 (Age 1st)
  • Eithne Dunbar 1:06:51 (Age 1st)
  • Kids 1 mile:
  • Maggie Dunbar 10:09

Hamilton Marathon, November 3, 2019
Congrats to those who performed so well in this prestigious event. Special congrats to Ian Loughrey for his 1st place age category win and to Margaret Story on completing her first marathon! And of course commiserations to Brian Gartley who suffered an injury at the tail-end of his long training for the event and was forced to not travel.

Results as compiled by Anne Hodgson; thanks Anne:

Ian Loughrey 3:28:03 (1st)
Paul Flanagan 3:36:33
Jayne Flanagan 3:50:52
Geoffrey Peters 3:57:58
Margaret Story 4:53:07

Road Runners on the Road
Stittsville 9RunRun
Oct 19
Half Marathon
Kevin Riddell 1:39:38.8 (4th)
Adele Mcleod 1:47:48.3 (2nd)
Ed Eby 2:12:19 (1st)
Sharon Riddell 1:02:09
Sydenham Fall Trail 8K
Oct 20
Dawn Wolfenden 49:38.25
Mary Clayton 50:47.00 (1st)
Corinne Johnson 52:28.75
Janet Gartley 52:59.52
Sarah Kaufman 53:34.22
Anne Hodgson 55:36.72 (2nd)
Merv Hodgson 50:32:03 (1st)
Terry Hodge 55:34.18
Marathon du P’Tit
Saint Jerome QC Oct 20
Full Marathon
Brock Davis 3:10:24
Ilona Thomas 3:45:11
Noella Klawitter 3:55:58
Christie Walker 4:03:29
Laura Oliver 4:03:37
Rhonda McNish 4:12:13
Meera Ruparelia 4:54:45

Congrats to all.