Race Schedule 2021

A preliminary schedule


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The club executive recently decided to schedule the ever popular Freeze Your Buns 1K/5K race series for the 2021 season.

In view of the Covid-19 restrictions the series will not be run as normal but in a VIRTUAL mode.

The virtual 3-race series will be open over the last weekends of January, February and March, on Saturday or Sunday.

The events are:

  • FYB #1 is open any time Jan. 30 through Jan. 31
  • FYB#2 is open any time Feb. 27 through Feb. 28
  • FYB#3 is open any time Mar. 27 through Mar. 28

On line registration is now open on Trackie.

For the three (3) U13 1K race series:  Races: Free  Shirt: $15

For the three (3)  5K race series: U13 $15  Members $30  Non-members $40

The individual races (without shirt) are: U13 Free Members $10 Non-members $15

To register for one of the above full 3 race series and qualify for a long sleeve technical shirt with FYB 2021 graphic, click here.

To qualify for the shirt you must register before midnight on Jan. 31st.

Runners can choose their own 1K/5K course and submit their time via email using the honour system.

A separate Trackie event has been set up for the first event in January for those who are not planning on completing all 3.

Separate Trackie registrations for the February and March editions will be set up later. NOTE: Registration to the individual races will NOT include the shirt.

All proceeds go to the Brockville and Area Food Bank.

Participants are discouraged from congregating for this event. Please follow all public safety guidelines and practice social distancing.