From Liam Cullen, Feb 26, 2021

The date was circled, FYB #1 was a week away. While his running had been sporadic, he felt he was ready. Still, he needed more road time.

Ignoring Ian Black’s windchill report, he tuned his mental play list, packed a cell phone and pushed himself out the door.

Today he would run a usual loop along HY2 to Lily Bay Road. Starting out, a North West wind was more than expected.

He called his wife with a change in plan. He turned South.

While not always a prisoner of comfort, he decided running hills would be better than battling wind.

Hillcrest Road is located on the South side of HY2 West near our BRR sign. The road can be entertaining as it rises steeply 1.2 K to the top plateau; a scene best enjoyed on foot.

A marsh at the bottom of the road is home to a formidable snapping turtle, usually seen in late Spring through Summer. About the size of a hubcap, the turtle looks as if it can handle itself. With mouth open, it will feint a jab with its claw if you get too close. It is faster than it looks.  Don’t ask him how he knows this.

The road continues to rise as it skirts a cliff of the Brockville Narrows. No matter what the season, a nearby rock face will be hot to the touch on sunny days. From here it is a walk – run to the top plateau.

It is easy to spend time on top, a great view of the St. Lawrence. Today is too cold to linger. The run gives him a leg up on the day. Running will do that.

While much has changed this past year, he is glad to see some things remain the same.

He can still make it to the top, FYB was on schedule, he will look for the turtle in the Spring.

All in all, “Two out of three ain’t bad”.  Meatloaf