The club executive recently issued a 2021 update that was mailed out to the membership.

A notable and significant feature was that the update is considered to be in place of a traditional AGM and so contained:

  • President’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Appointment of a new Board (All positions were uncontested so no need for an election.)
  • Plans for 2022

Key Items:

2021 was successful with:

  • Three virtual runs in the Freeze Your Buns series
  • The month-long May challenge
  • A virtual Canada Day event with commemorative bibs.
  • Unfortunately, plans for the TIP classic fell through due to a resurgence in Covid.


  • Finances were well managed leaving a healthy balance for 2022.
    Notable was the donation of almost $4000 to the local Food Bank.
  • Membership is 89 people.
  • The Executive had 12 meetings in 2021.
  • Memberships from 2020 were carried forward into 2021 and the fees were waived.
  • Board for 2022:
    Ed Eby has stepped down which means there is a vacancy to fill. Applicants are sought and encouraged.

Plans for 2022

Covid restrictions and protocols will require that events change format somewhat. The executive are working to develop the necessary Safety Plans to ensure each event is compliant and safe for everyone.

The club executive is expecting to return to a more typical race schedule of these events:

    • Freeze Your Buns Series (January, February and March)
    • May Challenge (month-long virtual event with some in-person events, if possible)
    • Canada Day (July)
    • Thousand Island Parkway (September)

Thanks are due to Brian Gartley and his executive for leading the club so ably during a very difficult year. The provision of a number of virtual events was especially appreciated.  We wish Brian and the new board every success in 2022.

Thanks also to Ed Eby for his executive service over the last number of years. We’re glad to know he will continue to work off-executive in helping to organize runs and other events as he has so effectively done in the past.
[Tony D].