Freeze Your Buns Virtual Series 2021

The traditional winter 3 run 1K/5K Freeze Your Buns series is being held in 2021. However, due to Covid-19 each run will be completed in a Virtual manner.

That is, rather than all gathering at the start line in the usual way, each competitor will choose their own1K/5K course and complete the distance over the scheduled last weekends of Jan, Feb and Mar.

All Covid-19 restrictions in terms of distancing, masks, etc must be observed.

You may run on the Saturday and/or Sunday of the following weekends:

Jan 30 – 31

Feb 27 – 28

Mar 27 – 28

Submit the time for your best run to:

Please include your full name as it may not be evident from your email address.

The deadline for time submission is 23:59 of the Monday following the above weekends.  To ensure you are included in the final results which will be compiled by club secretary Liam Cullen, your result must be in no later than the above deadline.

Further details, including a convenient button for time submission, are available on the Race Schedule 2021 page.