Janet Wynands and crew once again guided and directed us to another Freeze Your Buns 1K/5K 3 Race Series.

Thanks Janet and Barb (above), Laurie, Tom, Liam, Murray, Charlene, Jimmy, Ed, and all the other helpers.

Some highlights of the series:

  • First full, in-person, non-Covid restricted series since 2019
  • Janet  Wynands  continued at the helm since first taking over as race director in 2008
  • Winners of the series (fastest overall time across all three races):
    5K: Josh Vandervalk and  Vicky Kinch
    1K: Bayane Link and Freya Primeau (accompanied by Megan Primeau )
  • Travis Gaffney blazed around the course in FYB#3 in 15:56. This caused a rush to the record books to find Kevin Beatty in 2001 clocked 15:21 and Kevin Dunbar ran a 15:24 in 2004. (Of course the 2 Kevins were much older than Travis at the time.)
  • A total of 177 runners participated over the 3 runs. Fifty (50), mostly U13s,  were in the 1K. There was an impressive 29 (23 weren’t Primeaus!) in the April 2 edition.
  • Another great commemorative shirt
  • The popsicle stick, in use since 1997, still rules!
  • NOTE: For detailed reports of each individual run go to the Results tab in the homepage.

Photos courtesy of Ed Eby and Charlene Thomas