Photo: Rick Swift

It’s good to see the extensive improvements being made to our beloved Brock Trail.

The most recent has been to the section between Perth and Brock Streets.

Rick Swift recently posted a note with photo (above):

Not sure if you’ve noticed but the stretch of the Trail from Perth to Brock has been repaved and is open. Looks great. What a terrific route for a 5K race.

Not sure about the future of our commemorative distance markers. (Rick)

The club distance marker, installed as one of many as part of a joint city and club project in 2011 to commemorate the club’s 25th anniversary, will hopefully be restored.

Your webmaster has contacted Phil Wood, City Director of Operations. I first thanked him on behalf of the club for the significant improvements being made to the trail. I then went on to request that the marker close to the railway line underpass be restored on completion of the project.

Awaiting Restoration! (Photo: TD)

The marker is currently lying to the side off the trail and looks more secure than the one removed in 2019 as part of the widening of the entrance to the section between Perth and Stewart Blvd. That marker had been removed and neglected to the point that it almost ended up in the creek running by the trail!

Due to the good offices of the Director of Operations at the time, Conal Cosgrove, the marker was retrieved and restored. I’m confident, Phil Wood will likewise see to it that the marker by the underpass will be restored.