The intrepid Margaret Story set out in July 2020 to virtually run across Canada from Coast to Coast., a total of 7200 km.

Margaret recently provided an update on her progress (emphasis by webmaster):

The Coast 2 Coast challenge continues. It started in July 2020 at the height of COVID. Since that time I have continued the journey across Canada, working my way through the provinces. I have remained injury free and sustained an average of 40 – 50 km per week outdoors.


By August, I finally put the 2000 km trek across Ontario behind me, moving on to Manitoba. I completed the 500 km trek across Manitoba at the end of October for a total of 5013 km.


If all continues as planned, I will be half way through Saskatchewan by the end of the year, logging in at approximately 5300 km.


The goal remains to complete the 7200 km trek by retirement, which has been confirmed for September 2023. My husband Bob and I will be staying in Victoria for the winter months, and I’m hopeful that the milder winter will help support the constant weekly mileage to finish the journey on schedule. (Margaret Story)

Great work Margaret. We admire your dedication and perseverance. Looking forward to further updates throughout 2023 as you complete your challenge.

Note: For for a background to what inspired Margaret to take on this challenge and some previous updates: