One of the features of the new website is the ability to fairly readily incorporate photos and videos. To this point we’ve limited our use to photos.

The Divi Theme promotes the use of background images in the headers of pages and we’ve made use of this feature. The photos used are from the available small archive of pictures, of varying quality, taken by various people over the years, with the photographer not known in most cases. (We do know the photographer above (Henry de Souza), but don’t know the photographer of this photographer in turn!) If you are the photographer of a photo(s) we have included, thank you.

The page headers are designed primarily to give the title and description of the page contents.  The photos in the headers are considered to be mainly decorative background and in most cases relate to the page content themselves.

Most of the photos used in the page headers are of recognizable individuals.  But a header with a background image involves placing the header text over that image and it may end up, especially with the differing screen sizes, obscuring one or more of the individuals in the photo. In addition, there is also a gradual darkening, from left to right, of the image in order for the usually light header text to be readily visible.

All of this is by way of saying, if you see a great big chunk of white or yellow text appearing across your face or other part of your body, this is in no way intended as an insult or being disrespectful, it’s just a design feature. In fact with the varying viewing screen sizes you may find you have lost your head or have vanished completely!  Again a design feature, a function of the responsive adjustment to the smaller screen sizes in particular.

Outside of the headers, there are many photos which are presented with full visibility as a nice illustrative feature of our various run related activities. We should also add, that if we’ve used a photo that you personally would prefer we had not, let us know, using the Contact Us page or by direct email to