Profile of Cindy Edwards

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August, 2021

Cindy Edwards, 51, tells a remarkable story of the impact of running on her life.

Cindy has run, as she says, pretty much all her life and has achieved a high degree of success at it.

In high school she qualified for OFSAA and has also competed in the Canadian Colleges Cross-Country championships.

In more recent years, Cindy has completed some very fine half marathons as well as continuing to run in various road races. It’s always nice to see Cindy out at one of our club events.

As she relates below, the most striking impact of running on Cindy’s life has been allowing her to cope with the tragic loss of her son in 2018. As Cindy says, ‘without my running I don’t know where I would be.’

Thanks Cindy for sharing your moving and courageous story with us.


Where are you from originally and what brought you to this area?

Maynard. Have lived in this area my whole life

How long have you been running?

I’ve been running for what feels like my whole life but started around grade 5 in Maynard public school. Continued to run throughout high school and college. Continuing to run today. For the fun of it and fitness.

Do you run for fun or competitively?

Both. I like to sign up for a couple of races a year to keep motivated to train

Why do you run?

It keeps me sane lol. I ran as a release from stresses of life and work It was my time to just be alone with my thoughts and try to figure out my day. After my son passed in April 2018, It was the one thing that kept me from falling completely apart. Now I run for the both of us It’s my time, I allow myself to talk to Mike and be thankful for each day.

Recent memorable running moment? Not necessarily in a race.

Each race has its own memory. I’ve been lucky enough to run across Canada and when I go on vacation I am able to run in the rural areas seeing things I wouldn’t necessarily see on a resort

Best running achievement?

In high school I competed in the 200, 400 & 800 meter track events. Qualifying to OFSAA in the 400& 800. In college I was lucky enough to be able to compete in the Canadian college cross country championship in Red Deer Alberta. Then competing in the 1/2 marathon over the years with my best time 1hr 52mins

Greatest running disappointment ?

I don’t really remember one. I’m sure at the time in an event I was disappointed in my time. But I took it as a learning opportunity to improve. I’m fortunate to be able to continue to run.

What is your favorite race distance? Why?

Over the years my distances have changed. Currently loving the 10k. Because it’s a fast race but not super fast like the 5k and not too long like the 1/2 marathon and I can finish it in under an hour able to have a reasonable pace and not be hurting for a couple of days after.

A notable race moment or most memorable race?

Running my 1/2 marathon in Regina having my sister and relatives cheering me on.

Why did you join BRRC?

So I can meet people with the same love of running and to be able to continue to run road races.

Ever been injured? How did it happen?

I’ve had plantar fasciitis in both feet while training for a 1/2. I also pulled my Achilles while training for the 1/2 in Regina.

What is your favorite race?

The 10k in the Ottawa race weekend.

What does your daily or weekly workout consist of?

When running outside I have a nice 8k route I like. To do a couple of times a week. I train with Zwift and alternate biking and speed workouts on the treadmill as well

Additional input or comments?

I enjoy many sports I bike, ski, kayak. I’ve been lucky to have run with my kids Chelsea and Michael over the years and now I have been able to run with my granddaughter Khloe.

I’ve done several sprint triathlons over the years and have always had my family cheering me on.

Running is the best way to stay healthy and for me to deal with my depression. As I said earlier losing my son to a drug overdose almost destroyed me. If it wasn’t for running I don’t know where I would be. My running community and friends are a source of great support.