Profile of Meg Plooy

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Meg Plooy, 36, is another interesting and welcome addition to our portfolio of runner profiles.

Meg started with the club in 2014 through a learn to run programme, and has been running off and on since then.

So far Meg has completed just one race but hopes to get more involved in the future.  With Covid hopefully soon behind us,  Meg should have more opportunities to race.

Meg also has a long term goal of completing a triathlon. We wish her well in achieving this goal.


Where are you from originally and what brought you to this area?

Brockville, moved to Alberta and returned home to raise my family

How long have you been running?

On and off for a few years, started with the BRRC in 2014 to learn to run.

Do you run for fun or competitively?

Fun for now, would like to move into competitively.

Why do you run?

Personal fitness/wellness and self improvement

Recent memorable running moment? Not necessarily in a race.

Personal best distance of 8km with my BRRC running buddy Margaret!

Best running achievement?

Continuing to run- even though it’s not my strength.

Greatest running disappointment ?

Not having the time to commit to running more.

What is your favorite race distance? Why?

5km- it’s a good starter distance and motivating way to see personal gains

A notable race moment or most memorable race?

I’ve only done one race so far (5km) and really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Why did you join BRRC?

To keep growing as a runner and continue to learn and reach personal running goals.

Ever been injured? How did it happen?

Thankfully, no.

What is your favorite race?

I’ve only done one so far- hoping to complete more in the future.

What does your daily or weekly workout consist of?

Running twice a week and weight training 3 days a week. Rest two days a week.

Additional input or comments?

Long term goal is to complete a triathlon, starting to train in biking and swimming.

Thanks Meg for your participation. (TonyD; August 2021)