Profile of Mike Trussell


A profile of another dedicated and very popular club member, Mike Trussell, 67.

Mike began running many years ago. A notable achievement was a first place finish in a Brockville to Prescott and back fundraising run in the early 1970s.

His running career was on pause for a few decades until he retired at age 60. Mike then took up running again and became an enthusiastic member of the Brockville Road Runners Club.


Where are you from originally and what brought you to this area?

Born, raised and still haunting Brockville.

How long have you been running?

Early years running was my primary mode of transportation. Got back to running after a 40 year hiatus when I retired at 60.
My claim to running fame: First place in a run from Brockville to Prescott and back in the early 70’s to raise funds to build the Brockville Youth Arena.

Why do you run?

For Fun and Peace.

Recent memorable running moment?   Not necessarily in a race.

When i retired I was in shape but round wasn’t the shape I wanted to be in. My grand children mentioned  one day they like sneaking in and jumping on my fat belly. After losing weight thanks to BRRC and other things they now join me on runs when I visit.

Best running achievement?

The early marathon mentioned already and completing two Spartan races.

Greatest running disappointment ?

Waiting so long to return to running.

What is your favorite race distance? Why?

5K…Perfect distance for this old fart and the distance of the FYB races I have been doing now for 7 years.

A notable race moment or most memorable race?

Completing my first “Freeze your Buns” run at 60 years old and feeling self confident.

Why did you join BRRC?

Knowing a lot of members and that I would be welcomed without judgment for my slow pace or lack of technique.

Ever been injured? How did it happen?

Yes…My one and only “Fort Town” race. The long hill seemed to do a number on my knee and calf.

What is your favorite race?

Freeze your Buns and Canada Day…being part of the crowd is awesome.

What does your daily or weekly workout consist of?

Getting in my steps most days…Staying active. Pre -covid:  Pickleball, Zumba and 5k Brock Trail journeys


Being a father of 3 and grandfather of 9 my goal is to be an active participating person not a bystander;  I’m 67 and can still do a half decent cartwheel!

Thanks Mike for your contribution. (TonyD)