A Virtual Event Spanning the Whole Month of May

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UPDATE: May 6, 2021

Details of how posting of distances covered over the course of the 4 week Virtual May Challenge have now been finalized.

Each runner/walker will use their own individual means of tracking daily Km distances covered.

Then at the end of each week on Saturday, post the previous 7 days, Sat to Fri inc.,  weekly total to info@brockvilleroadrunners.com.

To facilitate and standardize the posting, a click on the Button above will open a pre-formatted email in each participant’s regular emailer: outlook, gmail, etc.

This email will already be addressed to info@brockvilleroadrunners.com and the text body will outline the information to be inputted.

Alternatively, a participant may prepare and email the information in the normal way.

The information sought is:

Week (Sat – Fri inc.) # (1,2,3 or 4):
Distance Run/Walked in Kms:
Total to Date (optional):

Over each weekend the club executive will compile a summary of progress over all participants.

This summary will be posted to the website by the following Monday.

This will provide a nice overview of how far down the highway each participant is and of how the event itself is progressing.

Reminder: Entry fees for the Challenge support the club and help with expenses and also the funding of regular annual support of HS bursaries and community groups.


On May 31 there will be a significant number of our runners and walkers scattered in far-flung locations across the province.

The club executive is working diligently on arranging for a shuttle service to get us all back home to Brockviile. It’s a daunting task so we are advised to arrange our own personal transportation to get us back to base in case the club can’t manage it.

Overnighting in Calabogie on May 31 is somewhat lacking in appeal for me personally! (Tony D.)

Original Post: April 26, 2021

Our Brockville Road Runners club executive has come up with a unique virtual event to provide another focus for us runners in these trying Covid times.  Much of the credit for this initiative goes to the ever-creative exec member, Ed Eby.

The event comprises several virtual courses all starting in Brockville and ending in a nearby center. The courses are designated challenges in as much as they are of varying longer distances.

The challenges are Brockville to:

  • Merrickville 50K
  • Kingston 80K
  • Cornwall 100K
  • Calabogie 130K
  • Belleville 160K
  • Cobourg 230K (new addition)

The basic idea is just to do the distance listed, anywhere, any time as if to have “virtually” run/walked from Brockville to one of the centers over the course of a full month.  The event is open to all not just Brockville residents or club members.

Pick a challenge that fits your fitness level and goal. Runners can choose their own schedule, course and pace. Track your results and submit them to info@brockvilleroadrunners.com.

As a guide: look at your average weekly distance. Add up 4 weeks worth then add a few more K for a total. Look at the different challenges and choose the distance best suited to you. Don’t overdo it, no injuries, just push a little.

There is also a Streak Challenge for those looking to form a new habit and run/walk at least 1K every day of the month.

Click on the Button above to register online at Trackie or on this link

Registration fees are: Members: $20  Non-members: $25.

Registration deadline is:  May 7 at 23:59 ET.

All participants will receive a finishers medal inscribed with your event.

Participants are discouraged from congregating for this event. Please follow all public safety guidelines and practice social distancing.


For the ultimate challenge, from Cape Spear, Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia, read club member Margaret Story‘s blog post update on her Coast2Coast cross-Canada 7100K virtual run.

On July 1, 2020 Margaret set out on this daunting challenge. She has already covered 1853 K of her total journey. A mere 5259K to go! Best of luck, Margaret.