A very successful AGM was held on November 14, 2023 in the Arts Hub (St. John’s United) on King St. in Brockville.

A small but select crowd first enjoyed some social time and then were treated to delicious pizza, supplied by Luna Pizzeria. Drinks of the non-alcoholic variety accompanied the pizza.

The business portion of the meeting was then opened by Murray Tait as MC. (Photo from the archives!)

Treasurer, Murray presented the financial report and also provided an overview of the state of the club in general terms. Murray and the board managed the finances very well over a very trying period and netted a small gain.

The gain was achieved in spite of the loss of revenue due to the restricted race schedule. It was notable that even in the absence of some significant  race entry revenues, the club still managed to finance 3 high school bursaries of $200 each and also make a donation  to Saint John Ambulance of $500.

The schedule was curtailed due to difficulties in recruiting volunteers and the inability of the St. John Ambulance (SJA) to provide support for TIP in particular. SJA also had a post-Covid volunteer recruitment problem.

Ed Eby led a tribute to Tony Dunbar for his longtime contributions as editor of the website, his historical club knowledge and love of our sport. The ringing of the bells (bike – see below – not church!) and cheers reflected the Club’s gratitude.

Some of the attendees – photos courtesy of Ed Eby.  (Not visible due to stacking on small cellphone screens):

Season’s Summary

As she has done for 15 years, Janet Wynands, organized and directed another 3 race series of Freeze Your Buns. Murray Tait himself was race director for a very successful Canada Day 1k/5k from the Rotary Field House on Laurier Blvd.

Club members owe a great debt of gratitude to this year’s board:  Liam, Ed, Murray, Charlene and Ian. Since the last AGM was in 2019,  there hasn’t been an opportunity to formally thank those (pretty much the same group of individuals as those listed previously) who led the club in the Covid recovery years of 2021 and 2022 where virtual racing reigned.

A special thanks to Brian Gartley who was president during those difficult years. Unfortunately due to work pressure, Brian was unable to continue in the role for all of 2023.  We were delighted to hear recently from Brian that he will keep in touch.

Board of Directors

A highlight of the meeting was the successful recruitment of two new energetic individuals to the board. A big, big welcome to Shane Curless and Shannon Wilson. We look forward to you bringing your talents and enthusiasm to bear in helping lead our club to a bright new future.

The Board of Directors for 2023-2024 as elected by acclamation:

  • Liam Cullen
  • Murray Tait
  • Charlene Thomas
  • Ian Loughrey
  • Shannon Wilson
  • Shane Curless

In keeping with recent practice, the board at their first meeting will elect the officers: president, secretary, treasurer and make other appropriate appointments..

Thanks Ed

A Smiling Ed

Ed Eby has decided to step down from the board. He will be missed but promised to continue in helping out in a non-board capacity.

Ed has been a dedicated board member for a number of years and the author of many creative initiatives.  In particular: the TIP Half Marathon Relay, the virtual May Challenge, and the virtual Canada Day Together Individually (which netted $2674 for the local Foodbank).  Thanks Ed!

In keeping with his innovative approach, Ed presented each of the AGM attendees with a shining bike bell.




Maybe Ed’s planning to add a duathlon to the schedule!