From Rick Swift, Jan 19, 2021:

Mission accomplished! Earlier this morning, I finished my post Christmas challenge of running the length of every street in town.

For the record, City Hall tells me that constitutes 148 kms. In reality, though, I think I must have run twice that distance with my frequent backtracking so as to not miss a metre. No fudging of my self imposed guidelines.

In normal years, winter weather brings my inner wimp to the surface and I head for the warmth of the gym. There, as I get my cardio fix from the treadmill, elliptical trainer and rowing machine, my mind usually wanders, all the while counting down the days until we fly to warmer climes.

Mexico or what ever warm venue we have chosen is where my outside running resumes. Well, not this year, thanks to an unwanted intruder called COVID. Thus, I have had to reacquaint myself with the “pleasures” of appropriate winter clothing and footwear. Fortunately, recent weather, has been reasonable.

As a local lad, born and raised in Brockville, I’m certain I have been on every street in town even though, in some cases, not for some time. I must admit that if, a few weeks ago, someone had mentioned Pond Street or Letitia Street or Norton Street, I would have been stumped. Not any more.

For many years, my morning routine has been fairly rigid – go out the door and go either left or right. One benefit of my recent project is that it had got me out of my comfort zone and into less familiar parts of the city.

With the lockdown in effect for the foreseeable future, it looks as though I’ll have to come up with another tactic to help get me through the winter. Any suggestions?