Fellow Runners:

Some of us who are training for the upcoming race in Cornwall are getting together for some speed workouts.

We are meeting at TISS (Thousand Islands Secondary School) on Parkedale).

Dates are Tuesday April 4, 11, and 18. Arrive a few minutes early so at 4:30 we are ready to start.

We begin with a 3K warm up and finish with a 3K cool down along area streets.

The speed portion is on the TISS track.

Suggested workouts:

For those doing the 10K:

Apr 04: 5 x 400m
Apr 11: 6 x 400m
Apr 18: 7 x 400m

For those doing the half (21.1K):

Apr 04: 3 x 600m
Apr 11: 4 x 700m
Apr 18: 5 x 800m

See where you are in your training, know your limits. The most important thing is to stay injury-free.

Come and join us.

Hope to see you there!

Ed Eby