Note:  I’m just back after close to a month-long visit to family and friends in Ireland. During that time the website was unavoidably down due to technical problems at our webhosting provider. These have now been resolved and hopefully will not repeat. (Tony Dunbar)

My first task back as a webmaster is a sad one:

On May 25, 2022 Steve Jadoo, aged 66, died suddenly in New Brunswick.

Steve was an accomplished cyclist and runner and a very popular member of our club for a number of years while living and working in Brockville.

Steve was part of the Bob Castle coached group of runners that got the marathon bug in the early to mid 2000s. We spent many hours together training and in many cases qualifying for Boston.

The header photo, provided by Jim Locke, shows a group of us after a training session for the 2005 Boston Marathon. Steve is in the middle of the back row. Steve was a great and ever-cheerful companion on these long runs.

Steve was one of the early users of the Garmin. One of my abiding memories is of completing a Saturday morning 33K group training run. We arrived in a state of exhaustion at the finish at Timmie’s, only to be told by Steve that we were short by 400m. Steve insisted that we do a lap of the mall to get in the full 33K! It’s a tribute to the respect and fondness we had for Steve, that we all dutifully complied.

I have expressed condolences to Elizabeth, Steve’s wife, on the published obituary page. May Steve rest in peace.